Declarative Swift in Action

In this article I want to explain how we can write fully declarative Swift. This coding style emerged somehow naturally when I started working on an architecture that I had designed specifically to be easily adaptable in agile teams — actually the goal was to unlock agility for teams in the first place.

In this article I will focus on the actual syntax and show how it is aligned to the semantics of the app.

I will not show every facet of my architecture (project name: Core|UI), but you will find a link to a series of articles I wrote…

Great article! Thanks for sharing it.

I wonder if you would like to have a look at a very different kind of iOS architecture, which I would describe a "Modularized Command Interpreter" and the declarative coding style fo Swift I encountered along the way when developing it.

Thanks for your feedback.

What I find quite interesting that none of the so-called agile frameworks takes the production step into account. Or in other words: how do you expect to be agile if the code you are working with is a chaotic bowl of mess, often called Spaghetti Code, but more accuratly described as Barb Wire Code — as we do get trapped in it.

I have developed an architecture to adress those concerns.

Manuel Meyer

Freelance Software Developer and Code Strategist

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